I went to Blok M with my auntie and cousins. We went there by metromini. Unfortunately, half way through Blok M the metromini was mogok. All the passengers (including us) were transferred to another metromini. When we finished shopping, we decided to go home by metromini again. It was the most breathtaking moment I’ve experienced in my life. The driver was driving like a lunatic; the metromini was zigzagging and racing with other. He didn’t care even when some passengers were shouting at him, asked him to drive slowly. Alhamdulillah we arrived home safely J another story to tell my friends in Bali.





My cousins asked me to accompany them to DUFAN. We went there by train.

My first idea of going by train:

  • Cheap (Rp 1,000 only)
  • Comfortable (since it’s n Sunday – not a working day)
  • Might be able to enjoy the view along the way to DUFAN


I was completely wrong! Yes, it was extremely cheap compare to bus way since we didn’t need to change train (Rp 1,000 from Pasar Minggu to Kota Station). Poor me, I have to squeeze myself like sardines in a can. It was hot and I had to survive from the smell of people’s sweat and cigarettes and I HAD TO STAND all the way to Kota station. Once again, Alhamdulillah we arrived safely. Unfortunately, I had to go through the same situation on the way back home. It was tiring, but worth to remember. Later when I sit on my Mercedes or Jaguar, I’ll not look down on people who are on ‘sardine’ train or metromini. They are tough people, I doubt that I can go through such situation everyday.





About Indira Sari Paputungan

Aku adalah penjelajah bumi Allah. Menikmati dan mensyukuri semua yang Allah hadirkan ke dunia dan ke hidupku. Mencoba menjadi bermanfaat buat diri sendiri dan orang lain.

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