I was a bit worried and hesitated to take this unit (EDF 6236 – Language, Society, & Cultural Difference) at the beginning of semester one. My friend who had taken this unit said that the reading materials were difficult to understand, especially those written by Stuart Hall (I had no idea who Stuart Hall is at that time). However, I’ve traveled across the ocean not to worry about “what my friend said”. I’m coming here to learn something new and I’m determined to do my best (coz if not, I’ve to pay my scholarship back 😀 ).

With Prof. Ha

With Prof. Ha

Stuart Hall’s writing indeed a bit difficult to understand at the beginning. It was quite abstract and even my lecturer said that she has been teaching this unit for ten years, but still everytime she reads it again, she always finds something new. As I read Hall’s Representation: cultural representations and signifying practices and Cultural Identity and Diaspora again and again, I started to understand the meaning beyond the text. His thoughts are…mmm…what is the right expression to describe Hall’s ideas? ….. he was amazing…brilliant. Of course we don’t have to take his ideas thoroughly, but his writings are worth to read.

Smile up guys!

Smile up guys!

It was a 3 hour lesson, but felt like one hour. Our lecturer Prof. Phan Le Ha (she is a Vietnamese) always comes up with so many interesting and challenging questions or issues to discuss. There is no right or wrong answer here and what amazed me most is how my classmates from other countries had highly respected on whatever ideas or opinion we were given (no matter hw awful our English is 😀 ). My classmates are very enthusiastic and supportive. There’s no time to feel sleepy or chit chat with someone sits next to you. We had debate, role play, presentation, mini lecture, guest lecture and we had great food 😀 .

Whole class photo

Whole class photo

Anyway, finally the end of semester one….yipeeeee!!!! 😀 . We had a small party at campus. Everyone should bring something to eat or drink and share it with the whole class. Oh…I forgot to tell you that we take turn to bring snacks to class. One lesson was 3 hours and we were given 15 minute break in each lesson. It was during the break time that we shared snacks. It was a great class and I had great friends there. We also made a poem from various terms that we learned during this unit, check this out guys! (if you  successfully managed to read it) 😉

Our poem

Our poem


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Aku adalah penjelajah bumi Allah. Menikmati dan mensyukuri semua yang Allah hadirkan ke dunia dan ke hidupku. Mencoba menjadi bermanfaat buat diri sendiri dan orang lain.

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  1. marshmallow says:

    walaupun haru hati saat berpisah,
    kegembiraan pernah menghabiskan waktu berkualitas bersama-sama terkesan di wajah-wajah manis penghuni kelas, terutama si cewek bali.
    *mau dong kopdar, in*
    *nunjuk-nunjuk posting kopdar si catra*

    –> nanti di-arrange ya mbak kopdarnya *sambil ngelirik reading list semester ini & assignments*

  2. Tigis says:

    hehe selamat yah. Seneng jg ngeliat foto2xnya.
    btw, itu yg ce pake baju biru-item yg berdiri di tengah di foto kedua dr atas siapa sih. Koq dr jauh mirip erica durance yg maen jadi lois lane di smallville 🙂

    –> namanya Jessica Git, mau dikenalin?

  3. satoetitik says:

    Wah …… nga ilang Narsisnya walau ditengah temen-temen …. , SALAM AJA ………

    –> Narsis anytime anywhere pokoke 😀

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