Not because today is the first day of school (sounds like primary students ha? 😉 ), also not because I was attacked by English virus, no specific reason actually…just want to write in English. Frankly speaking, I was worried about my semester one result, especially for EDF 6233 – Theory and Practice of TESOL. Can you imagine (better don’t try to imagine, otherwise you’ll end up being stressed like me), I worked on my final 4,000 word essay assignment in three days 😯 . I’d finished around 2,000 words when I suddenly felt like “don’t want to do this anymore” (kind of weird though) and totally changed my topic. Huwaaaa…..!!!!!!!!!!! I spent the last two days in front of my loyal laptop and slept for two hours only. Ten hours before the due date, I felt like want to throw up everytime I face the monitor. Five hours approaching the due date, I felt like I want to smash the monitor… 😡 , my hands were shaking and I felt like thousand of drums banging inside my head. I didn’t have enough courage to ask an extension since the lecturer has given a week extension already. I went to campus with red eyes and was extremely shocked knowing that Prof. Marie Therese (my lecturer) gave another one week extension for those who asked for it…huwaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! It’s not fair! All I could say “what ever will be…will be

My holiday wasn’t in fully relaxing atmosphere; I kept worrying about my result. Finally, last week (July 11th) Monash University officially released semester one result. I opened my student account and was very shocked to see “D” in the list. OMG! Am I that bad? This unit worth 12 credits! It was before I realized that D stands for Distinction 😳 . Felt so stupid at that time, my mindset was still in Indonesian setting (need to reset it 🙂 ). Alhamdulillah I passed all unit with satisfying result. Two units, one D and one HD 😀 , not bad ha? My deepest gratitude goes to my beloved family and friends who have been very supportive and patient during my ups and downs here. Love u all guys! 😛

My semester 1 result

My semester 1 result


FYI, at Monash University exam result can be accessed online via portal (student account) or sms (we have to register first to get this access, and it’s for free). The result is released at the same time for the entire faculties.


About Indira Sari Paputungan

Aku adalah penjelajah bumi Allah. Menikmati dan mensyukuri semua yang Allah hadirkan ke dunia dan ke hidupku. Mencoba menjadi bermanfaat buat diri sendiri dan orang lain.

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  1. try says:

    Weeh, lagi mbaca2 tulisan kamu, eh ada yang baru lagi heheh…
    Baiklah, pertammaaaaaaaaxx! *akhirnya bisa yg pertama juga 😀

    –> hahaha…selamat dech jadi yg pertamaxxx 🙂

  2. try says:

    *comment lagi ;p
    “Ten hours before the due date, I felt like want to throw up everytime I face the monitor. Five hours approaching the due date, I felt like I want to smash the monitor… ”

    Untung gak ‘D’ versi Indonesia ya, in. btw kalo HD apaan? High Distinction? heheh..:))

    –> iya nich sempat shock gw..yups bener banget High Distinction

  3. lion_king says:

    Selamat … Selamat …. Sukses juga u kuliahnya

    –> makasi…makasi…commentnya dikit soalnya lagi buka kamus yah…hahaha…. 😆 *kabur sebelum ditimpuk*

  4. selamat sobat
    selamat 😀

    –> makasiiiiii 😀

  5. trendy says:

    semoga semester 2 ini nilai saya membaik!
    doakan saya ya!

    –> Amien, didoakan dech 😀

  6. ILYAS ASIA says:

    WHAT EVER WILL BE… will be,

    what ever make you happy
    just do it

    i love you to, to your big effort to success

    what will be you……………
    ILYAS ASIA / 031 605 608 60

    –> do u love me? hehehe…jadi kaget bacanya 😀 what will I be? I’ll be OK..heheh…just wanna be a better person 🙂

  7. Utami says:

    Jadiii… Kapan kita makan-makan untuk merayakannya???

    –> besok pagi di dapur yah….ditunggu Mi..

  8. Wah kapan ya bisa ke LN? Heheheh di dalam negeri aja wae kali ya. :d

    –> dimana aja sama mbak, yg penting sehat dan bahagia..hehehe 🙂

  9. suhadinet says:

    Selamat ya 1N.
    Semester di depan saya yakin kamu juga bakal sukses.

    –> amien….makasi pak… 🙂

  10. Tigis says:

    Msh belon paham nih. D dan HD itu padanannya kalo di kita berapa yah, B dan A ? atau 8 dan 9 (skala 10) ?

    baca tulisan2x kamu jd pengen ngrasain kuliah lagi nih…

    –> yups serupa A dan B lah, ayo Git kuliah lagi….aku mendukungmu!

  11. Abdee says:

    ahh… kalo biasa dengan nilai D….. hehehe.
    daripada nilai C… tanggung. mending D sekalian… yakin ngulang.

    –> alhamdulillah bukan D ala Indonesia….kalau bisa ga ngulang knp harus ngulang…iya kan mas 😀

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