This is not my first visit to Jakarta, but this is the longest one so far. It has been almost two months and I still feel that I’m not part of this heterogeneous city. After more than seven weeks in Jakarta, I’ve experienced almost all situations and conditions commonly happened in Jakarta as I often see on TV. It’s something worth to be remembered and shared to anyone.



A friend of mine had warned me not to take an afternoon flight if I wanted to avoid being trapped for hours in traffic. I took her advice into consideration; unfortunately I could only get a 2 pm flight from Denpasar to Jakarta. The flight was delayed for about one hour and I arrived in Jakarta at around 3.30 pm (Jakarta time – WIB). My cousin said that it normally takes us around 25 minutes from the airport to my cousin’s house, but it took us 3 hours that day. Ough! The traffic was killing me and at the same time my migraine was acting up again. There’s traffic sometimes in Denpasar, but we can still move slowly. Here! TOTALLY STOP! On the left and right side all I could see were sky scrapers, buses and bajaj Bajuri pumping black smokes, and no clear blue sky like in Bali. Like it or not, that’s going to be an everyday view of Jakarta. That’s the first package that I received at the first day of my visit to Jakarta. It’s a pain in the *ott** but good to test your level of patience J




I’ve never expected to deal with flood in Jakarta. I’ve seen on TV how awful Jakarta was when it turned into huge lake during rainy season. It was a bright Friday, when afternoon came it suddenly turned into cloudy day. I heard thunder from 6th floor of Wisma Budi. I usually go home at around 4.30 or 5.00 pm, but on that day I was still at resource center even it was almost 6 pm. Then, it rained heavily. The rain wasn’t long, it wasn’t even 2 hours. I bought an umbrella at Indomart on the basement and decided to go home. I pulled my trousers up, but decided to put my shoes on (I didn’t want to step on the dirty ground with bare feet…euw! Disgusting). The road behind Setiabudi Building which I passed through everyday was already flooded up to my calf by brown stinky water from the canal. I didn’t see that there’s a quite big hole in front of me and successfully stepped into it. My sneakers were wet and I spent that night washing them.



Yova and I were discussing our academic papers when Rory came and told us that there’s an earthquake. We didn’t quite feel it at first, but then it was getting stronger. We ran out in panic through the emergency exit. It was freak me out! We’re at the sixth floor for God sake! Thanks god we’re all safe. I just can’t understand some people spent their time taking their bags before leaving the building. When it comes to this situation I believe that nothing is more important than saving your own life and people around you.




About Indira Sari Paputungan

Aku adalah penjelajah bumi Allah. Menikmati dan mensyukuri semua yang Allah hadirkan ke dunia dan ke hidupku. Mencoba menjadi bermanfaat buat diri sendiri dan orang lain.

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